13.12.2018 CHQ News 

President AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Vice President Shri Badri Mehta, Advisor Shri S K Pathak, Organising Secretary Shri Vivek Kumar Singh met Director (HR) today on dated 12.12.2019 and discussed upon the status of the points discussed in the last agenda meeting held on 16.11.2019. President AIGETOA updated Director HR about the status and informed him that despite clearcut directions and timelines none of the issues viz. JTO To SDE DPC, Notification of next LDCE, preparation of List 9, Finalisation of List 8, SDE reversal issue, PRMB issue, Follow up of E2 Scales for JTO with DoT has made any significant progress. President AIGETOA informed Director HR that sections have not been given instructions despite consistent pursuasion by the association for the reasons best known to the concerned section head. We also informed that during our last meeting with PGM Pers on Friday, again directions were issued but we don't know how long will it take to reach the section. We told that we were surprised to note that every time file is being moved for DPC, the same is being dumped by some irrelevant and unrelated logics. We also told about the indifferent attitude of Authorities towards the reversal issue and how the issue is being derailed despite directions from Hon'ble court also. We also told how preparation of list 9 issue has been mishandled by section and how the file was dumped with an absurd logic of linking the SDE seniority with JTO seniority though both the issues are being governed by different RRs. Only after pursuasion and strong objection on the unnecessary delay, fresh directions have been issued to sections for JTO to SDE DPC and List 9 preparation. We told that other groups are insisting for preparing list 9 on date of joining which will be completely wrong as already decision has been taken by MC that List 9 should be prepared in 2:1 ratio.

Director HR gave a patient hearing to us and immediately had a telephonic talk with concerned unit head. He told us that delay has happened due to VRS related works and now Section shall be concentrating on the resolution of issues discussed as per agenda. Director HR said that he is going on leave for some days and once he is back, he shall be holding one more review meeting with AIGETOA for following up on the issues and its resolution in line with the discussions held. He said that he is firm on his decisions and whatever has been decided shall be implemented. We also informed Director HR about the recent letter from SR section with regard to freezing of Membership change window which will favour the two associations who have been given the status of recognised and support association. We lodged our strong protest and requested Director HR to intervene in the matter. On the restructuring issue and plan to handle the activities post 31st January 2020,we informed Director HR that nothing is visible on ground yet and field unit including the unit and circle heads are clue less about what is the possible plan Post VRS scenario. With each passing day, panic is creeping in the minds of employees and its high time to announce at least the short term plan so that smooth changeover can take place after 31st January 2020. Director HR assured that firm action plan shall be announced shortly. He also told us to finalise our date for interaction with the team handling the restructuring and also the consultant. We shall be shortly doing the same in consultation with the nodal cell dealing with the issue.

We sincerely hope that management takes firm and decisive action so that the issues are resolved amicably failing which we shall be constrained to start organisational action program for resolution of the issues immediately thereafter.

Circle conference held at Kolkata on dated 23.06.2019

Circle conference of aigetoa was held at Telephone Bhawan, kolkata wherein various issues were discussed and new elected CEC members was nominated under the chairmanship of Mr Ashok Acharyaji, East Zone Secretary with presence of Mr Prasant Jainji,Mentor, aigetoa wbtc and Mr Saikatji,CS,CTD along with lot of aigetoa members. List of new elected CEC members are 


Welcome of New CGM(T),WB by AIGETOA WB        Posted on 24/05/2017

Today Shri Prashant Jain CS,AIGETOA WB  along with Shri Shiv Kant Shukla CP,AIGETA WB ,Shri Ashutosh Sahoo CFS AIGETOA WB ,Shri Amit Kumar SDE(CDMA Nodal)and other senior members of AIGETOA from ETR met with new CGM,WBTC Shri Shyam Narayan and welcomed him as CGM WBTC. Shri Shiv Kant Shukla CP,AIGETA WB welcomed  new CGM by presenting a bouquet.CS,AIGETOA WB assured him for all type of support in growth of BSNL.


WORLD TELECOMMUNICATION DAY                          Posted on 17/05/2018


Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule from 29.05.2017                                                 Posted on 24/05/2017

The agitation programs deferred till 28.05.2017 will restart on 29.05.2017 as there are not much improvement in DoT on the standard pay scale issues. The DO letter from CMD/BSNL is just processed but still pending with Jt Sec(A)/DoT for more than one week. Officers in DoT is not serious to correct the mistake even though BSNL management has taken a positive stand on E2 and E3 scales.

Similarly for the issues pertaining to BSNL, not much progress has been made except for some movement of files and lining up the action plan on the issues. So we have to resume the agitation programs from where we left.


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Change of agitation programme of JF                  Posted on 08/05/2017

In view of the very positive discussions held on 04.05.2017 and 05.05.2017 and the assurance from management to continue the discussions on all the HR issues on weekly basis till the issues are resolved, JF Forum of BSNL Executives Associations decided to defer the Relay Hunger Strike from Monday onwards at BSNL HQ and Circle HQs till 28.05.2017. The Work According to Rule, Non cooperation and Relay Hunger strike at SSA HQs also deferred till 28.05.2017.

The DO letter from CMD, BSNL to Secretary DoT to review the PO dated 28.03.2017 is under process in DoT. Management arranged a combined meeting of JF and BSNL management in the Hon Ministers Office next week to explain the issue. Afterwards management is arranging a meeting with Secretary, DoT also in this regard.

On other HR issues, actions will be initiated from Monday onwards and discussions will be continued from Monday. Director HR shall be reviewing the progress every week.

If the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 are not approved by DoT by 28.05.2017 and progress is not there in the HR issues as assured, our agitation programmes will be resumed and intensified w.e.f 29.05.2017 with the following programmes.

29.05.2017 onwards: Indefinite Relay Hunger Strike and Work According to Rule.

If any negative developments happening in between, these agitation programmes will stand preponed accordingly.

To keep the momentum and mobilization at all levels, the following programs will be observed in the intervening period.

08th to 28th May: Executives will perform duty by wearing demand badges.

Every Tuesday (09th, 16th & 23rd May): Executives will work without taking Lunch, in protest.

Every Thursday (11th, 18th and 25th May): Lunch Hour demonstration at CHQ/Circle/SSA level.

Protest Call of Joint Forum from 25.04.2017

Dear Friends, 

Protest Call has been given by the forum to observe following activities at HQ, Circle & SSA level for resolution of standard scale E2-E3 for JTO-SDE equivalent and other HR issues."

Protest Program:

1) Relay Hunger Fast on 25, 26 & 27 April.
2) Mass Leave on 28-April
3) Indefinite Relay Hunger Fast wef 1-May.
4) Further Intensified Program wef 10-May.

In this direction, Circle level meeting has been held yesterday at Telephone Bhawan Kolkata , for successful implementation of the program. The meeting attended by the office bearers of SNEA,& AIGETOA . AIBSNLEA has already extended active support to this program.
Now alll SSAs are requested to hold similar meeting in their place in collaboration with all the associations & chalk out following strategy.

1) Hold   coordination meetings at each SSA level with all associations.

2) All executives will apply  one day Mass leave  for 28-April immediately in ERP.

3) All office bearers should take four day leave ie 25-28 April.

4) Finalise three sets of executives to sit on hunger fast on three different days ie 25, 26 & 27 April.

5) Program will start with gathering of all executives at CTO  South Gate at 9 AM sharp on 25th April 2017 and same will continue all three days , Relay hunger fast will start thereafter at the same venue , all executives  from Other non recruiting circles will also gather at CTO for protest program.

So, all district secretaries are requested to take initiative and don't wait for a call from other side. Observe the above activities with schedule for a strong fight against the DoT & BSNL Management towards resolution of our issues. All District Secretaries should keep a close coordination with the respective Circle Secretary and bring to the notice about any issues or problems faced by you through sister association or management. All needful help will be extended by the Circle Team.


Joint Forum of BSNL Executives Associations,
West Bengal


                                            RELAY HUNGER STRIKE                        11.04.17                           


The 72 hours Relay Hunger Strike will be from 10:00 AM of 25th April 2017 to 10:00 AM of 28th April 2017. One batch will sit for 24 hours and will be replaced by another batch after 24 hours and so on. All Other will sit on Dharna. Maximum Participation of all the executives should be ensured in Dharna. Ladies Comrades should participate during day hours.

All the office bearers should apply leave for four days beginning from 25th April 2017 to 28th April 2017. The members sitting on hunger fast should also apply leave. All the Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries should serve the copy of the protest action programs under the banner of Joint Forum to their CGMs and SSA heads. Mass Casual Leave by all executives for 28th April 2017 should be ensured by Saturday, the 22nd April 2017.

Office bearers and members should start preparations for intensifying the agitation programs and work according to rule w.e.f 1st May 2017.


HUNGER FAST ON 27, 28 & 29th September,2016            

Let's gear up for our next round of battle for 3P [Pay, Pension & Promotion]. All are requested to attend the program with full strength.


Agitation schedule:


Day Long Hunger Fast on 27th, 28th & 29th September 2016




1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.


2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.


3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Three Days Day Long Hunger Fast                     updated on 24.05.2016


Three Days Day Long Hunger Fast on 25th ,26th and 27th May 2016 

All the District/Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure the success of implementation third phase of agitation program i.e. Day Long Hunger Fast for Three Days on 25th ,26th and 27th May 2016 along with -

�Work According to Rule

� program w.e.f. 10:00 Hours on 25th May 2016 onwards. 

.................Prepare for Final War .................

सिर्फ हंगामा खड़ा करना हमारा मकसद नहीं,!!!!
सारी कोशिश है कि ये सूरत बदलनी चाहिए। !!!!!

मेरे सीने में नहीं तो तेरे सीने में सही,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
हो कहीं भी आग, लेकिन आग जलनी चाहिए।!!!!

Three Days "Hunger Fast" at BSNL CO/Circles/SSAs Head Quarters on 25th, 26th & 27th May 2016


LDCE 2015 Result Declared                               updated on 22.05.2016

LDCE-2015 result declared for promotion to the grade of SDE(T) under 33% Quota held on 21.06.2015.

<Click Here for LDCE Result Qualified candidates in all Category>

<Click Here for LDCE Result Qualified candidates in all Category for WB Circle >

Lunch hour demonstration 4th December.2015      Updated on 05.12.2015

Lunch hour demonstration 4the December 2015 throughout the WB Circle reported grand success. Executives have participated irrespective of their affiliation with associations. AIGETOA extends profound gratitude and congratulation to one and all for participating in this struggle.

District conference of Circle Office body        Updated on 05.12.2015

As per the AIGETOA constitution, a District Conference was organized on 23rd September 2015 ,at Telephone Bhawan ,6th floor by the District secretary of Circle Office body, AIGETOA .After the conference new body is elected in presence of CS and ACS of AIGETOA WB Circle.

Newly elected body for AIGETOA CO& CDMA Nodal Branch:

1.Pranay Pratap Singh, District President.

2. Manoj Kumar Gouda,District Secretary.

3.Partho Ghosh, District Finance Secretary.

4.Abhisek Halder, District Vice President.

5.Umes Paswan, District Vice President.

6.Manish Gupta, Asst. District Secretary

7.Chandrasekhar Panda, Asst. District Secretary.

Executive Members:

1.Md. Shakeel.

2.Sanjay Kumar.

3.Santosh  Kumar Karotiya.

4.Jatindranath  Das.

United  Forum  of  AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA  serves notice  for Agitation Programs                                                                        Updated on 02.12.2015

United forum of BSNL Executive Association comprising AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA serves notice to resume organizational action programs which was deferred on 7th July 2015. The agitation notice has been served against the arbitrary notification of MT (SRD) recruitment and non-settlement of long pending HR issues even after the assurances given repeatedly in the formal/informal meetings. BSNL management with an indifferent attitude has notified MT (SRD) recruitment to block the career progression of the young and talented executives of BSNL. Click here for notice

The demands are as under:

  1. Immediate withdrawal of the MT recruitment notification (SRD) dated 05.11.2015, scrapping of the MT, DGM RRs altogether and implementation of the recommendation of the committee headed by ED(NB) on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL and standard E2 & E3 scales for JTO, SDE Equivalent executives.

  1. Resolution of various other long pending HR issues like extending 30% Superannuation Benefits to Direct recruits, Rule-8 transfer cases, Pay loss to JTOs/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 and fixation of pay in respect of departmental outsider (TTA) appointed as JTOs, conduction of various CPCs in a time bound manner, first time bound upgradation in four years, declaration of LDCE results, notional pay fixation of all upgraded pay-scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000, post based promotions to PS to PPS/Sr. PPS, settlement of Pay Anomaly cases where junior executives are drawing more pay than senior executives, special recruitment drive for hard tenure/shortfall circles, restructuring of AD (OL) cadres, finalization of new SDE RR 2014 in line with association suggestions and other long pending HR issues submitted earlier.

 Protest activity and schedule :

  • “Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 4th Dec 2015.

  • Three days “Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 28th , 29th and 30th December 2015.

  • “Work According to Rules” with effect from 28th December 2015 till the settlement of demands.

  • 5th January 2016 onwards – “Delhi Chalo” for Indefinite Dharna at BSNL CO. The executives throughout the country will gather at BSNL CO, New Delhi till withdrawal of the MT Notification and settlement of various HR issues. During this period, there will be complete non-cooperation with management.

All the Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of the above agitation programs by conducting Executive Body/General Body meetings, Press Conferences, Posters etc.

Welfare fund for Late Shri B.H.P Marandi        Updated on 30.11.2015

 Association conveys its greatest and heartfelt thanks to all who contributed for support of family of Late Shri B.H.P Marandi . A total of 8,05000 ( Eight Lakhs Five thousand had been deposited in the account of the family of Late Shri MArandi)

Association also conveys its regards to the solidarity and support shown by GE’s in Kharagpur SSA who are standing firm behind the family of Late Shri B.H.P Marandi and promises to support each and every member of GE family in the event of any unfortunate situation arising due to bad times .

AIGETOA Wes Bengal Meeting with CGM ETR    Updated on 15.10.2015

 Meeting with CGM ETR was held On  15/10/2015. Meeting was chaired by CGM(ETR) Shri Arun Kumar , GM(HQ) ETR , AGM ETR from management side. CS , ACS Shri Arvind Roy  and VP Shri K.S.Dhaker along with AGS Shri Deepak Sahoo represented from association side. Meeting lasted for more than two hours Association  presented AIC Memento to The CGM  and welcomed him for his  new assignment.

The following discussions took place :-

Discussion on Inter Circle Transfer (R-8 Transfer):-

 CGM ETR agreed with the genuine demand of JTOs for their transfer to the home circle and he  told that he will write letter to Corporate Office and WB Circle Office for more JTOs posting in ETR so that the R-8 applicant JTOs can be relieved, he also told that he sympathizes with the difficulties of these young officers working in an entirely different place for long time. Association demanded phased release of R-8 cases till new recruitment takes place . CGM instructed GM(HQ) to prepare a man power plan and ask for requisite number of officers in West Bengal area including TTA , JTO &SDE after including these R-8 cases as outgoing .

Security Deposit Refund :-On this issue CGM ETR instructed AGM to take up this  issue with the concerned A.O. and to review this issue in the next meeting we again discuss the status of Security Refund issue with CGM ETR.

On Transmission Media Related  issues CGM ETR mentioned that we need to keep up BSNL Media available for services as much as possible and the concered staff will look the media related issues and if any better solution is their they do it and also give the feedback/suggest solution to CGM Etr and CGM Etr also mentioned that on Major routes pgcil media is working as alternate route and in some routes no pgcil media is available and the pgcil media is highly costly and for procuring non BSNL  media decision is taken by  corporate office and it l takes  time he told that the management is well aware and is working to find out feasible solutions to this issues at the earliest.

For Intra-Circle Transfer CGM ETR request to association for giving the name of some volunteers to take transfer for that stations where JTOs wants to transfer. Association argued that  the Intra Circle Transfer cases should be considered as  per the administrative guidelines. Case of Shri Rameshwar meena, Jto/ofc/suri was also taken with CGM.

For the uploading of letters/orders issued from ETR Headquarter or endorsed by ETR Headquarter on ETR Intranet  CGM ETR told that presently due to staff shortage it is not possible and all the orders issued from corporate office is equally implemented in the ETR but still in future mechanism will be developed for the same .

For Revised Stipend Arrear payment and EPF Contribution during Training Period  Clarification from corporate office is awaited

On the Income Tax Related problem of A.Y. 2011-2012 under O/o the DGM RNMS  

CGM ETR told that he himself faced such a situation and personally suggested that since IT department doesn’t pay heed to internal issues between Officer and his company employees may themselves  deposit the pending amount for the time being and after the issue internally the  amount can be  refunded , he also told to take up the case with concerned DDO for early solution

For the delay in release of deputation cases we discuss the case of Shri L.K.Purohit which order is issued in March 2014 and he is not released till now by CGM , He instructed GM(HQ) to look into the matter.

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3rdAGM of AIGETOA, Kharagpur SSA                    Updated 16.10.2015

3rdAGM of AIGETOA, Kharagpur SSA was successfully held on 16th October 2015 at Conference Hall O/o the GMT/KGP, Inda, Kharagpur.   In first half District Secretary Report is presented by Mr. Shiv Kant Shukla, DS, AIGETOA, KGP SSA and District Finance Report is presented by Mr. Jag Bandhu Pal, DFS, AIGETOA KGP SSA. After that all the issues raised by members are discussed in detail. Some of them are as follows

Rule-8 transfer,Intra Circle and Inter Circle Transfer,Pay anomaly for SRD-11 batch (case of Mr. Izaz Khan),Staff shortage in AGM & DGM post at KGP SSA

CPSU hierarchy,Early result for LDCE & next LDCE,and other local issues

 After lunch in second half there is an open session in which DS and DP of all other associations (AIBSNLEA & SNEA) and unions (BSNLEU, NFTE & SNATTA) are invited as a guest. From administration side AGM Admn & DGM Mr. P.V. Joshi attended the open session. Chief Guest of the open session was GMT Kharagpur Ms. Mira Mardi.

In open session various issues are discussed like effect of subsidiary tower company, problems in implementation of ERP & promotion policies in BSNL etc. Some local issues are also discussed for better service of BSNL in Kharagpur SSA.  At the end GMT/KGP replied all the issues raised by the house and concluded the open session at very positive node.

After open session the old district body was dissolved and new body was elected for AIGETOA KGP SSA.

The new body is as below.

District President            Jyotirmaya Samanta

District Secretary             Jyotirmaya Panigrahi

District Fin. Secretary    Jag Bandhu Pal

Asst Dist Secretary         Manoranjan Moduli

Asst Dist President         Durgesh Ojha

Asst Fin. Secretary         Manaul Hossain

Organizing Secretary     Sachin Nema

And Mr. Izaz Khan is nominated as Auditor.

Newly Elected District Body for Asansol SSA    Updated on 29.09.2015

Asansol SSA/District Body of AIGETOA WEST BENGAL

Mr. Shadab Imran Khan  District President ,Asansol

Mr. Upendra Ojha            District Secretary ,Asansol

Mr Sanjay Dutta               Assistant District Secretary

Mr. Indraneel Tewary      Finance Secretary , Asansol Division

Mr. Debjit Ghatak             Finance Secretary , Durgapur Division

Mr . Mahendra Kumar     Vice president ,Asansol 

Newly Elected District Body for Gangtok SSA    Updated on 29.09.2015

Gangtok SSA/District Body of AIGETOA WEST BENGAL 

1. President                             -  Mr. Arun Kumar 

2. Vice President                     -  Mr. Devvrat

3 .Secretary                             -  Mr. Tarun Kumar

4. Asst. Secretary                    -  Mr.Sunil Kumar

5. Finance Secretary                -  Mr. Amit Tripathi

6. Asst. Finance Secretary       -  Mr. K.Madhusudan

7. Organising Secreatray         -  Mr. Prasanjit Bag

8. Executive member-I            -  Mr. Bakki Sanjay

9. Executive Member-II          -  Mr. Deepankar Das

<Click here for the letter issued>

List of immunity in respect of JTO longest stayer                                                                                               Updated on 29.09.2015

Special CL for Circle conference and AGM   Updated on 28.09.2015

Longest stayer list of JTOs                               Updated on 29.09.2015

CS writes to-                                                     Updated on 26.09.2015

2nd Conference and AGM of the AIGETOA, CO and CDMA Nodal Centre Branch Kolkata                                     Updated on 21.09.2015

2nd District Conference and AGM of the AIGETOA, CO and CDMA Nodal Centre Branch ,Kolkata will held on 23rd September 2015 at 6th Floor,Telephone Bhawan, BBD Bag Kolkata-700 001.

<<Click here for the Letter>>

CS Writes to GM (HR & Admin),WB Circle-         Updated on 21.09.2015

CS writes to GM HR and Admin regarding pending security and case of EOL of Shri Vivek Kumar . 

<<Click here for CS letter for the security refund case >>

 <<Click here for CS letter for the Shri Vivek Kumar case >>

AIGETOA stand on Dharna on 16-09-2015        Updated on 15.09.2015

Considering uncertainty over loss / benefit of formation of tower company,AIGETOA is not participating in one day Dharna  on 16-09-2015.Association will wait for more clarity on the issue  before joining any agitation program.We extend our moral support.

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Circle body meeting with Hon'ble CGM WBTC    Updated on 09.09.2015

Newly elected circle body met Hon’ble CGM WBTC on 08/09/2015.Hon’ble CGM Shri. Kishor Kumar discussed a lots of issues pertaining to services as well as other welfare issue of members of AIGETOA WBTC. All 11 office bearer were present in the meeting .

Review meeting will be held in the first week of October, additional issues about services and welfare should immediately be brought to the notice of association to be taken further with the administration.

>>>>Click here for Service Related Issues discussed with CGMT>>>>

 >>>>Click here for Officers Grievances discussed with CGMT>>>>

Longest stayee list of JTOs and SDE(T)             Updated on 28.08.2015

 Longest stayee list of JTOs                                                                    Longest stayee list of SDE(T) 

Reimbursement of Diary 2015                          Updated on 28.08.2015

Kind attention to all DS/DP ,

Please collect the diary reimbursement cheque and submit it to Sri Ashutosh Sahoo,FS ,AIGETOA WB.

Supporting Letter-1   Letter-2 

Pics of the 2nd CEC and Joint Open Session     Updated on 27.08.2015

Joint session of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA           Updated on 26.08.2015

 A meeting of joint session of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was held on 25th August 2015 at 19.00 hours at  Phani Bhusan Vidya Vinod Manch at Kolkata

Com. R P Sahu, GS AIGETOA in his speech mentioned that after observing the progress on joining hands together, it is observed that there are members joining from SNEA due to the unity.   There is a strong unity within the organization irrespective of settling the issues after joining together.  He has briefed about the stand of BSNL management, actions taken by the one association and their approach towards the MT Recruitment, faith of the Direct Recruited executives in the BSNL after introduction of MT Recruitment.  The anti approach of the one association towards the MT Recruitment is known to every concerned executive.  He further mentioned that the experience of GS AIBSNLEA unbeatable and non-comparable with any other leader.  We should make efforts to enroll the Direct Recruited executives who are members of other associations and strengthen our organization before the referendum.  He has requested all participants to strengthen the organization by enrolling the members.


Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA  briefed about the circumstances under the decision was taken to join together with the AIGETOA  and detailed about the memorandum of understanding between both the associations.  He also briefed about the activities taken place after the coming together. He detailed about the resolutions passed in the Hyderabad joint meeting.  He also briefed about the issues taken up with the BSNL management in the joint forum, issues of common interest, approach of BSNL management towards the MT Recruitment, issue of agitation program notice,  proposals submitted jointly to the BSNL management for settling the interest of common interest, etc.  He also explained in detail the efforts of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA in resolving the important issues that is implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy, E2 E3 standard IDA pay scales to JTO & SDE equivalent executives, 30% superannuation benefit to the BSNL recruited employees and other HR issues related to all the cadre, that is CPCs to fill up group B and group A level vacant posts, PPS post creation, restructuring of AD (OL) cadre, regularization of officiating JTOs, anti dating of pay, etc.  He assured an early settlement of all these issues.

Com. Ravi Shil Verma, President, AIGETOA mentioned that it is nearing one year since our last joint meeting when we have signed MOU.  The faith and unity and understanding has already reached at CHQ level and expected that the same scenario is prevailing in the circles.  In case any circles do not reached a united platform so far, the same has to be attained immediately. He expected that the unity will continue and both associations may merge together and work as one for the betterment of the BSNL and its members.

 Com. A.K. Kaushik, GS TEAM in his address stated that by demanding to stop MT Recruitment, we are not demanding anything new. In the erstwhile DoT, at the time of absorption we have given in writing that bound post based promotion upto the rank of Jt. G.M. our demand is due to the reasons that we deserve for it.  He also urge upon both the association to merge together and work as one for the betterment of the members. The experience and energy of both combined together is the unity of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.

Com. Amit Gupta, veteran leader assured full support for any action for the betterment of the executives of BSNL and for the association.

 Thereafter, a question answer session was held. Members asked various  questions regarding the matter in Kerala Courts and Chandigarh courts, etc.  Both GSs replied the queries of the members. GS, AIBSNLEA advised members to become party in the respective cases. GS, AIGETOA suggested that association may implead for vacation of the Stay on the promotion orders.

 The following Resolutions were passed unanimously.

 1.It was resolved that the forum will consistently pursue all the issues as mentioned in notice and if need arise forum will not hesitate in launching struggle in short notice.

 2. Forum will strongly oppose the ongoing recruitment process of outside DGM/MT and demand for complete scrapping

 3. All the circle and district branch of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA will start drive for comeback of executives and join AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.

 4. It is resolved that in CEC meeting of both the associations, the C.Ss of other association be invited to have interaction and share the views.  If possible a joint session of CEC be conducted to achieve the goal of membership drive.

 5. Any attack on the association either by management or by others be resisted jointly.

 6. Both the associations are in favour of promotions and any stay order taken by individual will be protested jointly and if need arises, both the association together will move towards legal battle.


Joint Open Session of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA                                                                                                Updated on 26.08.2015

 Joint Open Session of the AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA on the occasion of CWC meet of AIBSNLEA & Annual G.B. Meeting of AIGETOA was held on 25.8.2015 at 15.00 hours in the at Phani Bhusan Vidya Vinod Manch at Kolkata The function was commenced with an inaugural song by the local members. 

Com. Prasunkumar Mukhopadhay on behalf of the Kolkata Telephone AIBSNLEA welcomed one and all and invited the dignitaries on the dias. 

The dignitaries on the dias Hon’ble Chief  Guest Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL, New Delhi, Guest of Honors, Shri N.K. Gupta, Director (CFA), BSNL Board, New Delhi, Shri Shameem Akhtar, Sr. GM (SR), BSNLCO, New Delhi.,    Shri Kishore Kumar, CGM, BSNL, West Bengal Telecom Circle, Shri Amit Kumar Bhattacharya, CGM, BSNL, Kolkata Telecom. District, Shri Murthy, CGM ETP,  Shri  Raj Hans, CGM Telecom. Store and Telecom Factory, Shri P. Venugopal, President, AIBSNLEA CHQ, Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA, Shri Ravi Shil Verma, President, AIGETOA CHQ  Shri R.P. Shahu, General Secretary, AIGETOA,  Shri A.K. Kaushik, General Secretary, TEAM. Shri Saibal Sen Gupta, Convenor, Joint Forum, Kolkata,  Shri Amit Kumar Gupta, AGS, AIRBSNLEWA and  were felicitated by CS, Kolkata Telecom. District, by presenting with Bouquets and Mementos.

Hon’ble Chief  Guest Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD, BSNL, New Delhi addressing the gathering  of JOINT OPEN SESSION of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA at Kolkata on 25.8.2015 

2nd Circle conference of AIGETOA WBTC         Updated on 24.08.2015

Second Circle conference of AIGETOA WBTC was held on 23/08/2015 at Kolkata, in the presence of  All India President Mr. Ravi Shil Verma ,FS(CHQ) Mr. Y  Jharwal, VP-IV(CHQ) Mr. B. Laxman,  AGS (CHQ) Mr. Amit Roy,Jt Sec (East) Mr Ashok Acharya, CS/CP of  AP, Bihar, Rajastan,Gujrat,  & MP.

2nd Circle conference of AIGTEOA WBTC started with Lighting of auspicious lamp by All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma  and AGS Shri Amit Roy and recital of AIGETOA Anthem “ Itni Shakti Hume De na Daata” by the whole house present.

Welcome notes of Circle President Mr. Prashant Jain, Circle Secretary Mr. Subhasish Paul presented Circle secretary report , FS Mr. Ashutosh sahu presented Audit report for the FY 2014-2015, DS of SSA within WBTC, DS of Non Territorial Circles ( ETP/ETR/ Inspection Circle) presented District Secretary report  for the Year 2014-2015.  All India President Mr Ravi Shil Verma , after taking note of all the issues raised by SSA for further development of WBTC , dissolved the circle body.

As per constitution of AIGETOA, election of AIGETOA WBTC Circle body held in the presence of returning officer Mr. Amit Roy(AGS/CHQ), and Mr. Ashok Acharya (Jt. Secreatry East)

 Following Executives have been elected for the next term by the district representatives of AIGETOA WBTC. 

New Circle body of AIGETOA WBTC  

1.Sri Shiv Kant Shukla, Circle President

2.Sri. Prashant Jain ,Circle Secretary

3.Sri. Ashutosh Sahoo,Circle Finance Secretary

4.Arvind Kumar ,Asst. Circle Secretary-I

5.Sukhsagar Singh ,Asst. Circle Secretary(North)-II

6.Pramod Kumar,Asst. Circle Secretary(South)-III

7.Abhilash Umar,Asst. Circle Secretary-IV

8.Om Prakash Saroj,Circle Vice President-I

9.Sanjai Kumar,Circle Vice President-II

10.Prashant Nag,Circle Vice President-III

11.K.S.Dhakar,Circle Vice President(ETR&ETP)-IV

 Pics of the 2nd CEC of AIGETOA WB held on 23-08-2015 

Special CL for Circle conference and AGM        Updated on 21.08.2015 

Special Casual Leave has been granted by the competent authority for all delegates attending AIGETOA WBTC AGM on 23,24 and 25th August 2015  .                                              .



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